madison sq playground.

For this website, the Madison Sq. Playground in NY was photographed and conceptualized. The website is an experimental experience where one gets to explore the abstract shapes that allude to the games at the park.

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morse code type.

Morse code type explores the intersection between sound and type. Different spectrums of color carry a different vibration of sound that can be identified as "white noise". With the use of the morse type, that was used as a form of sound communication and code, the website unveils different worlds of sound pertaining to their color and atmosphere.

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poem generator.

The five emotional stages of life include; birth, trust, purpose, love, wisdom and death. With this random poem generator, these stages are represented as ephemeral components of life. The disappearing of the poems generates new phrases that allude to each emotional stage, making in almost a poetic and interactive experience.

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