Originals is an ongoing internal TBWA\Worldwide campaign that celebrates TBWA’s C-suite level legends. Having power house disruptors like Lee Clow at TBWA gives the collective an advantage of tackling projects with a master role models that made the agency what it is today.

The Mission

When talent grows throughout the years and gets to a leadership position, most-often times they’re not as creatively involved in projects as they’d wish. Originals is an initiative to bring back C-suite level people to be more “hands-on” in projects and mentoring junior level employees to fulfill they’re full potential.

Creative strategies are proposed for Originals to create pitches & have mentorship programs with junior level roles.

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Originals as a brand

The Campaign serves to introduce TBWA\Originals to the collective and clients. Originals should be presented as a group of expert leaders that clients can trust with their campaigns. These leaders should be pinpointed as essential assets of the advertising world. 

Being an Original encompasses so much more than “time” in the industry. It’s about reaching a broader audience that has shaped the world as we know it.

Originals is a brand.

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