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the concept.

In all aspects of the world we can find different interventions. There exists interventions in culture, art, social norms and basically any human interaction. Since human interventions mimic what’s happening in the world, it is important not to ignore them and once in a while step back an analyze them. Interventions magazine focuses on places in the world where these kinds of interactions take place. By featuring one place in each issue we scrutinize its cultural, artistic, urban and social interactions with spaces, people and objects.



the mission.

Interventions seeks to be a guide for curious artists and world travelers. Our monthly issues can serve as extended archives of the places we feature, focusing on the local art interaction with the outer world.

Chosen place: Mexico City


the interventions, anywhere.

Inter app focuses on the idea of having access to instant human interventions on the palm of your hand. No matter where you are the app focuses on informing you of what’s happening.

It is easy to access and view where these attractions are taking place since all users can connect and drop pins on the exact location where the intervention is taking place. In addition it also focuses in nearby cities to keep you on the loop of what’s happening around the world.