hey my friend!

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Nicole Jane is a visual designer in NY who loves white space, a rich gradient and the mix between print and digital. She has a focus in branding & editorial design and has recently awakened a passion for public relations and advertising. Nicole currently works as a designer at TBWA analyzing disruptive culture and making some badass campaigns for the advertising world. She formerly majored with a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons.

Creativity is something that I think about constantly, its how I live my day to day. What I enjoy most about this profession is the constant need of change and innovation. I like thinking about the higher concepts that allude to a creative narrative and how they convey a story. 

As a designer, I’m attracted to beautiful yet simple aesthetics. I love white space, sleek type and a rich gradient. I’m most inspired after a long day or while I’m trying to sleep. Like any other creative, I experience the occasional creative block and frustration that my work is quite “not there yet”. I love to learn of other people’s skills and believe that there is no better self-motivation than seeing great work that you didn’t do yourself, hence the infamous designer complex “ugh I’d wish I’d done that”. 

If you want to reach Nicole Jane please email her at nicoledebler@gmail.com or just straight up call at (407) - 579 - 9294